Jack Adams

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


This project, titled A Life In CRT  is a joint graphics and music composition/production venture I have been working on parallel to my architecture course. Intended to be eventually released with musical singles followed by an album, the visuals are designed as cover artwork for various pieces of original music: written, performed and produced by myself. The project aesthetic is inspired by old CRT imaging, owing to the inexplicably timeless feel and deep sense of connection to nostalgia it has, that seems to be universally shared.

Between the music and the artwork, the project aims to capture a range of themes relating to nostalgia, mental health, perception and personal experience – things that have grown and developed respectively alongside my skills as an artist during my time at university. Another element I explore via this venture is the relationship between music and its artwork – how the pairing of the visual with the auditory influences how the music is received and vice versa. In this case – what does the artwork, unattached from the music, inspire in the observer?

This showcase is of the cover artworks, which, despite having titles and intended themes, the idea is that the pieces are open to interpretation (something that relates heavily to the themes explored), occupying an ambiguous territory that allows one to take their own thoughts and connect their own experiences rather than being simply handed my own vision. While this venture does not appear to connect to my course on the surface, without my experiences at UCA such a project would not have come to be, and therefore the two are tied inextricably. It remains ongoing.

I hope to release the music side of the project in the near future, under my own name, and tie the project together finally. I hope you enjoy viewing my work!


This project and more works can be found on my professional Instagram: @sepialake

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Jack Adams | Architecture 2
Jack Adams | Architecture 6
Jack Adams | Architecture 4
Jack Adams | Architecture 3
Letting Go
Jack Adams | Architecture 1
The Great Blue Nothing
Jack Adams | Architecture
Residual Memories