Jack Harding

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


The Haaf Netters Rest

Cross-Border Community Land Acquisition

The Haaf Netters Rest is a cross-border community land acquisition project, geared towards providing transparency as to who owns the land within the wider chosen site and servicing the needs of a specific local community; the Haaf Netters of the Solway Firth. 

Who owns the green and pleasant land of Great Britain is a question with which the answer is not immediately forthcoming – intentionally so. The real flesh and blood people who have the ownership rights over vast tracks of the country are often obscured by numerous trusts, shell companies and offshore entities. Operating out of the oversight of the masses means boundaries can be overstepped as to what would be deemed in the common good of the people to which the land used to belong. Whomever owns the land can decide who has access to it, who can enjoy it, and ultimately who can exploit it. 


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The Haaf Netters Rest
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