Jake Wood

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


My work is concerned with debunking the idea of fitness and exercise. My art practice explores this by integrating my own use of the gym, and my own physicality. I portray this through performative works which use humour, tongue in cheek, and slapstick comical gestures. As part of this, I make sculptural props for these performances. In addition, consider my practice and inherently intrusive, where I intrude into different kinds of zones and environments. I am interested in having one foot in one camp, and one in the other. Documenting this has become central to the development of my work.

I am interested in intentionality, and my own capacity for action. I am exploring the real world by performing in the public domain, including the gym or street.

I aim to use transgression as a rule-setting exercise that test the tolerance levels in these environments. Through performance methods, I seek to push the boundaries of ‘where art sits’ beyond the institution. Disseminating my work beyond the gallery space, has allowed me to not only make work in the public domain but also think curatorially and display my work to different audiences.

I enjoy the unapologetic attitude and approach that performative work offers – Turning up to a place, doing what you need to do, and then exiting again. Creating a casualness and informality that interrupts and interferes within a space, and also where the general public become unwilling participants, captured on video. I play with this conceptually, and this sets the atmosphere for my work. A recent work sees me subvert the situation, where I am drinking excessive amounts of champagne whilst others are trying to burn calories off.

My performance works are similar to Bruce Nauman’s early performances in the 1960s. In relation to Nauman, I am using my body as the material. I am a live performing object. I enjoy disrupting and playing with ideas of the ‘opposite’ and the ‘unexpected’ in the public domain. Other important references for my practice are Dom Joly ‘Trigger Happy TV, (2000) and Steve Sullivan’s film A Heap of Trouble, (2001). The threshold between art and comedy is the territory I am currently working with.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jake_wood_artist/

Website: https://www.jakewoodartist.co.uk

Vimeo channel – to watch my performance works:  https://vimeo.com/user97958199


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Jake Wood | Fine Art 6
EXERCISE? I thought you said EXTRA FRIES!!! 2020 Public Domain Performance
No! Pain! No! Champagne! 2021 Public Domain Performance
Jake Wood | Fine Art 5View pdf
Jake Wood Professional Practice Portfolio 2021. A PDF document of a show I curated called 'Still Here' at Brewery Tap UCA Project Space.
Jake Wood | Fine Art 4
Performance Projection Film
Jake Wood | Fine Art 3
An extension of me eating
Jake Wood | Fine Art 2
Do you even lift? 2021 Public Domain Performance
Jake Wood | Fine Art 1
A collaboration piece with artist Dan Andrews
Jake Wood | Fine Art
Bar Bell - Installation for 'Still Here' Exhibition at Brewery Tap UCA Project Space 2021