James Tanner

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications / BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


Those with dyslexia are often told what they can’t do followed by inconsistent support.

Underlined aims to work against this through objectively educating about the effects dyslexia can have the added skills the learning disorder can cause and the support that is out there. The publication and unlike most other media is made with those with dyslexia in mind through dyslexia-friendly design (fonts, colour schemes, and imagery). Also depicted are interviews with people who work in dyslexia support as well as people with dyslexia themselves making the publication a place for advice and solidarity between people with dyslexia. A digital version of the publication is also available that allows the user to customize their experience making reading easier as well as a text to speech option that reads the publication out to the user.

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James Tanner | Graphic Design 5
Underlined Publication Cover
James Tanner | Graphic Design 4
Underlined: Book Cover
James Tanner | Graphic Design 3
Underlined Spread: Spelling
James Tanner | Graphic Design 2
Underlined spread: Imagination
James Tanner | Graphic Design 1
Underlined Spread: Colour Overlays
James Tanner | Graphic Design
Underlined Spread: Interview