Jamie Binstead

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


instagram: dawdles.travel

instagram: jamiestudio_

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Travelling has become a big part of my life, shaping the design process of my creative practice which is why I decided to create my own travel brand, Dawdles. 

Travel is shaping the way we capture our inspiration. The ways in which we all go on our own travel story that allows the traveller to discover more of the world. Dawdles is a brand that isn’t a guide telling you where you think you should go, eat, sleep and do. Dawdles is a brand that shows you a visual story of where you could go, ordered in a chronological way of storytelling a journey that has been taken. A brand that is a story taking the viewer from a fully written book to a photography book filled with first-hand unedited imagery from a Flaneur’s perspective. 

Travel is more than the destination. It is about the journey we take to then capture. 

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Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design 2
Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design 5
Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design 4
Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design 3
Visualisation of front cover
Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design 1
Visualisation of back cover
Jamie Binstead | Graphic Design

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