Jasmine Puddy

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


As an artist my practice concept is in exploring agriculture marks and colours left within the countryside landscape, investigating these through the aerial perspective, an experience of looking down on an area of open space. I am interested in the shapes of the divided fields and the different colours present from different farming processes. I have looked at the works of Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko and their use of the rectangular form within their practice as well as Peter Lanyon and his use of the aerial perspective within his paintings. The use of colour and composition of placement as well as the emotive language of colour used within the practice of painting of which are present in these artists practices, has influenced my practice. Land art has been an influence in my practice with artists like Richard Long and Robert Smithson with their work primarily revolving around working with and in the landscape, using the natural materials there to reimage the landscape around them.  I use colours that are matched with the colours within the aerial images that I research, layering the colours within this rectangular format. Working in and with a specific landscape within the area of somerset, using materials from the landscape such as the dirt to create my own pigment to paint with, alongside my acrylics. My work does take on a minimalist style, creating an illusion of space which is also present in the countryside landscape when standing there looking out in the middle of a field.

Instagram: @jazzpuddyartist

Website: www.jazzpuddyartist.com

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Jasmine Puddy | Fine Art