Jessica Kingsley

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


Email - [email protected]

Website -

Insta - @jesskingsleyart

A perceptively complex, binary archive of enigmatic textures is created by print-based processes. Exploring phenomenological experience and materiality, the abstracted surfaces resemble the minutiae of our environments, being conduits for slow looking, contemplation, and investigation. Tangible scale and resonating marks create a network of pieces that mirror and converse between one another, forming a speculative infinity that can never be entirely comprehended.

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Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 6
Detail of Specimen Print
Jessica Kingsley | Fine ArtView pdf
Professional Practice Portfolio
Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 5
Degree Show Exhibition
Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 4
Contact (2023)
Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 3
Specimen and Image (2023)
Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 2
Trace of Process (2023)
Jessica Kingsley | Fine Art 1
Binaries: Surface and Process (2023)

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