Jiannan Chi | Photography 4
By superimposing several plastic bags of different colors.it presents a dreamlike gradient color, and at the same time, it looks as if you are overlooking a valley
Jiannan Chi | Photography 3
Using a kind of hard plastic bag, and fold to make the bag feel like a stone.
Jiannan Chi | Photography 2
Transparent soft white plastic bag wrapped in a dark red plastic bag, using soft light to simulate the feeling of the mouth.
Jiannan Chi | Photography 1
Fold the dark blue and red bags to create a dreamy blue purple gradient. It's like mysterious cave.
Jiannan Chi | Photography
It turns soft light into direct hard light, the same red plastic bag and white transparent plastic bag, but presents a different style, like a waterfall.

Jiannan Chi

MA Photography

My work looks at the relationship between environmental protection and human activities in a thought-provoking way. Inspired by the works of American photographer Chris Jordan and Canadian photographer Benjiamin von Wong, my works show the environmental pollution hidden behind the beauty. My work is about environmental protection, exploring the possible inspiration of waste materials for new creative fields in the future.

Although I use the same material (plastic bag) in each photo, my shooting method is not consistent. Although there are always some similarities between all the photos, through different arrangement and combination and light adjustment, in the process of exploration and production, there are various color combinations, making each photo present a different visual effect.