Jiayi Lin

MA Visual Communication


My work area includes brand design, UI design, illustration and video. My motivation comes from interesting topics or social problems. And my aspiration is that my work resonates with my audience and that I can communicate information rightly. Life and any TV dramas can be good resources for my inspiration. I use multiple materials to create work. In addition, I will try various experiments to find a better way to show my work.

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Jiayi Lin | Graphic Design 1
It is a narrative comic book which is about some strange and embarrassing things in UK.
Jiayi Lin | Graphic Design 3
This brochure is helping employees who usually hiding negative emotions at the workplace to realize it is a problem.
Jiayi Lin | Graphic Design 2
This brochure expresses unspoken rules in the workplace. It reveals many people having sex to get a promotion.
Jiayi Lin | Graphic Design
This app design is helping people throw away useless stuffs, relationships and thoughts.