Jinrui Liu

MA Graphic Design


With the gradual advancement of technology, personal information security will become an unavoidable social issue. My main goal is to encourage viewers to learn how to protect online information and form a sense of prevention through illustrations and explanatory texts.

This series of illustrations showed the audience how your information was obtained by others, and the information exposure led to this series of embarrassing scenes. Sometimes, the element that allows personal information to be leaked will become an actual object in the illustration, an object that can make you ashamed.

In terms of visual style, I refer to many web-themed design works and related posters. I find that red and blue often appear as common elements in this type of work.

I hope that the audience can feel the dangers of the online world and have enough motivation to learn how to protect their important information in the online world.

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Jinrui Liu | Graphic Design 4
Jinrui Liu | Graphic Design 3
Jinrui Liu | Graphic Design 2
Jinrui Liu | Graphic Design 1
Jinrui Liu | Graphic Design