Joe Rudge

BA (Hons) Advertising


I’m aspiring to be an Art Director in the advertising industry. It’s pretty apparent that people hate adverts. My generation believes we are immune to them. Spoiler: we’re not. But, ultimately we only listen to what we see as authentic, relevant or rebellious. So, I strive to go against the grain. I have picked images and videos which show my unique and rebellious style to advertising. The campaigns chosen are for brands such as Future Farm, GiffGaff, Henry, Mini Cheddars, and Rolls Royce.

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Joe Rudge | Advertising
Rolls Royce Spectre, the Spirit of the Ecosphere - A surreal approach relevent for this luxury brand.
Joe Rudge | Advertising 5
The Anti-Vegan-Vegan-Burger - a burger so meaty vegans won't like it!
Joe Rudge | Advertising 4
Taking the idea to the next step and starting a movement with this merch design.
Joe Rudge | Advertising 3
Rupert the Recycling Robot will tour public places across the UK.
Joe Rudge | Advertising 2
Bringing adults and kids together, with Mini Cheddars.
Joe Rudge | Advertising 1
A campaign celebrating the UK's most regonisable vacuum cleaner.