Johanna Bender

MA Graphic Design


In my major project, I engaged with the question: “How do we break down walls?” regarding Germany’s former division into East and West and how the wall mentally still exists today. Because the division heavily shaped the country and still influences it today, it is essential that everyone is taught about the issue. Especially young people tend to think that this is entirely a problem of the past and does not influence them directly, but that is certainly not the case.

Therefore, I designed a book providing personal experiences and perspectives of East and West Germans. The book can be read from both perspectives, depending on how you flip it. It is split into the following categories: “Living in front of or behind a wall”, “The fall of the Berlin wall”, “The old and the new normality”, and “Are we really one nation today?”. These categories provide an insight into how life was at that time. The students will be able to scan the pages with their tablet or smartphone and, through AR, access audiovisual content that will support the printed quotes and bring them to life.

Together with an information leaflet, the book will be part of a school workshop to teach students about the issue, hopefully, spark conversation about it, and lead students to think about the human fate behind the historical facts.

You can see more of my work here: johannabender_/

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Johanna Bender | Graphic Design 5
These are the book's front and back cover. Depending on how you flip it you can either read the Eastern or the Western perspective.
Johanna Bender | Graphic Design 4
This is a spread introducing a new chapter of the book.
Johanna Bender | Graphic Design 3
This spread shows experiences from the two sides.
Johanna Bender | Graphic Design 2
This is the middle spread of the book. It shows collages of objects specific for each part of Germany at the time.
Johanna Bender | Graphic Design 1
This is how the students can scan the pages to see AR content.
Johanna Bender | Graphic Design
This book sleeve explains the workshop to students and teachers.