Johannes Aylott

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


How Computers Work

My goal with this project was to give kids a fun and engaging starting point to get them interested in computing. But how do you make a traditional book interesting? By incorporating augmented reality into it!

As well as writing and designing this publication, I created models and presentations in AR that can be viewed and interacted with on a smartphone or tablet. By scanning the QR codes inside the book, kids can not only read about how parts of the computer work but also see them working, take them apart and get as close to them as they like.



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Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 6
The user can not only see the hard drive moving and working, but read more into it at the same time.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic DesignView pdf
Cover for PDF of complete publication.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 5
The front cover is made to resemble a computer monitor.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 4
Taking apart a keyboard to see what's underneath.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 3
A double spread from my publication featuring a QR code to scan to veiw something in AR.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 2
Text boxes use the same type and style as found in my publication.
Johannes Aylott | Graphic Design 1
The blurb continues the theme started by the cover, and resembles the back of a computer monitor.