Joshua Wijsveld

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


My name is Josh Wijsveld and I have been working alongside close friends outside of The University Of Creative Arts Canterbury in creating a platform for artists around the country for my final major project.

The X Collab was established as a catalyst to create multi-institutional multi-disciplinary collaborations. Our goal from the beginning was to bring creative students from universities all over the United Kingdom to create artwork in this current uninspiring climate. Our vision is to provide exposure, the opportunity for networking and a means of approaching the making of artwork in an alternative manner.

This is a showcase of our first theme 01/Blue resulting in 153 collaborations of work in both a Digital Publication and an Exhibition. To find out more and get involved in the second theme 02/Sensory, visit our website at or visit our Instagram @x.collab

linkedIN: Josh Wijsveld

Instagram: @jwijsveld

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Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design 1
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Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design 5
Duotone, a limited edition zine showing art work from Kingston University students submissions for the X collab
Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design 4
Our first exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston of all 153 submissions for 01/Blue
Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design 3
Rendered images of the Digital Publication as a physical book
Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design 2
Photos taken from the installation of 01/Blue exhibition
Joshua Wijsveld | Graphic Design
Selection of images from the Digital Publication 01/Blue