Junyu Chen

MA Fine Art - Farnham


instagram: davy1997artist

wechat: ArtistDavy1997cjy

email: [email protected]

Starting from the personal inner world of an individual identity, the most instinctive reaction produced by the most primitive perception of life and the most subjective description of emotions will explain the state of the creator under the background of The Times. the artworks embody the content from self recognition and also as the carrier to explore what kind of way this generation (born in 1995-2000 in specific) live in this era. In combination with all the worldly wisdom the artist have experienced in studying abroad, the continuously developed aesthetics is translated into a deep secret inner activity within psychological motives

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Junyu Chen | Fine Art 4
50x35cm Acrylics on canvas
Junyu Chen | Fine Art 3
A1 size, Acrylics on canvas
Junyu Chen | Fine Art 2
A1 size, Acrylics on canvas
Junyu Chen | Fine Art 1
A1 size Acrylics on canvas

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