Kasia Judkiewicz

BA (Hons) Fashion Management & Marketing


Spending most of the time at home during the pandemic, Kasia realised the importance of her surroundings and how they can affect mental health. Trying to find a way to boost her mood and improve her wellbeing, she started exploring natural, innovative solutions. That’s how Muud was born – a sustainably sourced home fragrance brand focused on enhancing wellbeing.

“Using well-being apps, I thought it would be great to have something more tangible. COVID-19 had a huge impact on everyone’s lifestyles, including myself. Spending more time at home my surroundings have become much more important. I wanted to have my safe environment at home, a place that lets me embrace my feelings and emotions. Then, I read about different factors that influence our moods, and I got interested in aromatherapy. That’s when I thought I would love to be able to create a different atmosphere depending on my mood without actually having to change my surroundings.”

And that’s how Muud came to life, offering different ranges: anxiety and stress relief, focus enhancement, mood boost, relaxation, as well as sleep improvement. These are all the things that my friends and I have struggled with throughout lockdown, so improving them was my main goal. I wanted to provide something not only purposeful but also sustainable. That’s why sourcing ethically and offering fragrance refills became the main USP of the brand.

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Muud | Mindful Home Fragrance