Kate Madden

MA Fine Art - Farnham


The Museum of Post-apocalyptic Evolution was born out of frustration and rage at the increasingly right-wing energy in political circles worldwide. When it seems impossible to fix things, to ensure that leaders aren’t leeches, when the 99% find themselves increasingly worse off, then the only thing to do is to tear everything down and begin again …

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kate madden | Fine Art 7
Bone Chimes were a post-apocalyptic way to honour the dead
kate madden | Fine Art 11
A tooth of a merperson
kate madden | Fine Art 10
The skull of a Brawncapra, a mutant goat both predatory and carnivourous!
kate madden | Fine Art 9
Ashwalkers were hastily constructed overshoes for children
kate madden | Fine Art 8
A small shield made of a bone china display plate and cake forks