KC Faulkner

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism


Drawing from my friends and inspirations throughout the queer community, </3<3 is a magazine that lies in opposition to typical media coverage of the LGBTQ+ community at a critical time. Representation occupies two extremes: either sorrow, grief and death or ecstatic euphoria, partying and success. </3<3 fills in the blanks, serving representation that is unsensationalised, inspirational and honest.

Featuring the art of UCA students as well as successful queer artists around the world, as well as platforming the voices of multiple queer people, the content mirrors the community that I see every day as a working-class non-binary queer person. From interviews with Leak NYC founder Louis Dorantes, Spanish Vogue featured artist Pepo Moreno and British photographer Ezekiel Santos to personal poetry and commissioned art from friends. The community is polled on the transition to adulthood, queer anxieties and comforts, there are music recommendations from artists big and small and images and words from current UCA students from Epsom and Canterbury from all walks of life.

An 88-page hardcover book printed on recycled paper, each copy is customised and numbered and includes a sticker sheet, a limited A2 poster (with select issues) and a 25% donation to trans-led charity Gendered Intelligence in each sale. Queer people deserve to be platformed on our own terms, and allies or otherwise deserve to see us at our best. </3<3 is us at our best.

To show off I have an extract of the second half of </3<3, focused on joy, that features Ezekiel, poetry with a companion canvas, and VR artist Cameron Williamson from UCA Canterbury.

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Image from 'Ode to Glory'
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KC Faulkner | Fashion

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