Keerthigan Thavaseelan

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


My name is Keerthigan Thavaseelan, I am currently studying for Masters in Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2). I aim to explore diverse creative skills when working on different architecture projects to present each project uniquely. I aim to learn as many new programs and skills as possible to not only improve my creative skills but to give the best interpretation for each of my projects. I have a strong ambition to work in the entertainment sector for architecture, which is explored through my existing architecture projects, especially the following project I’m showcasing.

The project I’ll be showcasing is called ‘Manston Modulation’, this project explores the uncertain future of Manston Airport, and proposes Thanet’s first deployable community radio station that helps redevelop Manston Airport into a residential landscape.

This project explores the relationship between temporary architecture and permanent architecture through the use of modules and permanent community hubs. The design would also explore how modules can be integrated into the community hub and influence the overall structure.

There were a lot of inspirations for this project, in particular the work of the Architect, Mark Fisher, who designs amazing stage sets for different shows. Considering this project explores and celebrates radio in Manston, I wanted to integrate an analogue medium with my digital work. This could be seen with the final drawings of my proposal, where I rendered the final drawings with pencil drawings. I also integrated spectrogram visuals with the drawings to highlight the ever-changing frequency aspect of radio to the proposal. I used a mixture of different programs for this project, these include AutoCAD, Rhino, Maya, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I have also produced music and a film to accompany this project, to give extra depth. I have provided a link to the soundtrack and have attached the film made for this project. 

The soundtrack to ‘Manston Modulation’ –

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Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 7
Manston Modulation
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture
An overview of Manston Modulation
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 6View pdf
Final Portfolio showcasing the overall proposal.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 5
A proposed radio station advert which showcases how the radio station can help initiate different community activities.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 4
A compilation of mapping different radio stations captured from my car in different locations in thanet. The audio captured is also visually presented through spectrograms.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 3
This Transversal section cuts through the community club spaces and corridors, showcasing the influence of the modules to the verticality, stage, and the circulation of community base.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 2
An axonometric diagram that breaks down the technological elements of the proposal into different layers. These layers include vertical circulation, structure, floor, load bearing walls and non bearing walls.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 1
The master plan strategy consists of permanent bases that act as bookends to the airport runway and different points for the radio station to traverse without the need for a base. Throughout this strategy, the radio station would start to establish different communities and create clusters of houses throughout the site.