Keerthigan Thavaseelan

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


Climate Action Assembly is a proposal for a hub for different environmental NGOs and the public to discuss, research and synergise climate action. This project aims to reframe the topic of climate change, provide clarity on the issue, and synergise climate action. Invisible elements of climate change, such as CO2, would be brought to the forefront to let people fully experience the consequence of climate change in their day-to-day lives. The overall strategy of the project would be to design a temporary structure that can be assembled from different ready-made systems. The structure can be reconfigurable and deployed across the world, gradually changing the conversation on climate change. The structure proposed for this project would be a larger scaled configuration situated in Central London to initiate new environmental NGOs in the area and respond to the high frequency of organisations that contribute towards climate disinformation.

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Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture
Exterior Perspective of CAA at Night.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 5
A multi-media installation that showcases central themes of the CAA.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 4View pdf
CAA Portfolio
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 1
Physical 1:50 Sectional Model.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 2
Development of a Louvre Panel System that visualises CO2 in the atmosphere.
Keerthigan Thavaseelan | Architecture 3
Second Floor Plan of CAA.