Kejin Li

MFA Photography


The final name of the project was ‘Nothing happens here ‘. It went through three stages, from a work that wanted to represent private emotions to a work that wanted to give a voice to the voiceless people of my country, adding a lot of grand narratives to it. This project continues to build on my older work, with many of the extensions of imagery coming from previous works. For example, I have continued to use the ‘egg’ in my previous work to represent the survival and vulnerability of mothers, but in this work, the imagery of the ‘egg’ has been upgraded to represent more of a vulnerable group of people who are unable to have a voice in society. Furthermore, I have simulated the image of a medical camera entering the uterus in this work as a metaphor for the suppression of the vulnerable by the powerful. The final video is of an eye that has seen everything, an eye that is crying, and although it has so far only been able to watch what has happened, now that it has been seen, it will one day be changed. The background and inspiration for this series came from four sources: me, my mother, our women and our country. This project marks the evolution of emotion ranging from repression in many forms to feeling like the freedom to breathe is forbidden. In this case, destruction is inevitable whilst also providing a moment for rebirth.

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Kejin Li | Photography 1
Deathly silence
Kejin Li | Photography
Kejin Li | Photography 6
Kejin Li | Photography 5
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Kejin Li | Photography 3
Kejin Li | Photography 2