Kelly Lane

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design - Farnham


For this project, I was given the study theme Palimpsest. To me, it is all about rewriting a story, behind every building, there is a narrative, a story that is trying to be told in different ways whether it’s new or existing architecture. Palimpsest is used to create a relationship between an existing place and something new to benefit our new way of life.

The existing building given was Waverley Abbey in Surrey which was the very first monastery founded in Britain by the reforming Cistercian religious order.

I connected the solitude of the site with the Monks solitary practices they use to become closer to God. I then applied this to modern-day living to bring nature and our surrounding environments closer together which allows us to reconnect ourselves and our senses. I wanted to design something that looked at how the effect of Covid-19 has allowed us to appreciate the outdoors and nature and to reawaken our senses.

I chose SHAZAM as my client. The app is about using sound waves to identify music, programmes and creating a community. Their mission is to help people recognise and engage with the world around them.

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Kelly Lane | Interior Design 3
Closer to Nature
Kelly Lane | Interior Design 2
Closer to Nature -A multi sensory experience with installations using sound and visual components, whilst highlighting the solitude of the siteand bringing us closer to nature by reawkening our senses.
Kelly Lane | Interior Design 5
Closer to Nature - Nature and Water Clearing
Kelly Lane | Interior Design 4
Closer to Nature - Bird Clearing
Kelly Lane | Interior Design 1
Closer to Nature - User
Kelly Lane | Interior Design
Closer to Nature - Overall Sound Capsules