Kenny Stone

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


In the past two years, a massive festival shaped hole has been left in all our lives. For my final major project, I wanted to create a festival that represented unity and togetherness. I have always been interested in the relationship between music and art, upon research I noticed a divide in interest between the majority of contemporary art fans and electronic dance music fans, you would rarely find either audience at an art gallery and a music festival in a field. Therefore I set myself the brief to challenge this by bringing the two together, designing the visual identity for electronic dance music and contemporary art festival, one that would appeal to both audiences. This was achieved through experimentation and research into how electronic dance music could be visualised through art in a visually attractive way. The festival furthermore has an electricity theme to the design with the slogan ‘come together and be part of the circuit’. The concept of the design is that contemporary art and electronic music make up two components, like batteries that work to fit together as one component. The outcomes produced include badges, wristbands, an A6 programme booklet that folds out to an A4 map, A3 promotional posters and social media posts, A2 line up poster, A5 promotional flyers and ticket designs. These outcomes can all be found on my Instagram page. Furthermore, I worked in moving image, experimenting with water, ink and sound to visualise electronic music act Bicep’s song Apricots. This piece would act as a stage backdrop video to play behind the musicians as they perform. This work best represents me and the direction I want to go in career and style-wise moving forward.



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Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 6
Electiveart Festival 2021
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 7
Stage Backdrop Video 'Music by Bicep titled Apricots'
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 12
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 11
Programme & Map
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 10
Line up Poster
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 9
Kenny Stone | Graphic Design 8