Kirsty Currivan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Visual Communications - Canterbury


I have created a psychopath test, which matches up your personality to see if you could have one of the stages which make up a psychopath. I have been inspired through Greek mythology to illustrate the key stages. Each stage contains an insert which goes into detail about the personality disorder containing illustration which have been designed to be presented as if this was a police document.

My illustrations may be designed for a younger audience but the message I present has a darker meaning, do you have what it takes to be a psychopath, take the test to unlock the clues.


My work has developed dramatically, from my first initial idea being a publication about making a murderer, which lacked a massage I wanted to communicate, to a psychopath booklet, and finally a psychopath test which has been inspired through a police document. Presentation is key to communicate a strong message.

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Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design 5
Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design 4
The troubled child
Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design 3
joined forces
Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design 2
darkness with follow
Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design 1
ape affect
Kirsty Currivan | Graphic Design
the beauty of camoflage