Komal Hayat

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design


Hello, I am Komal Hayat and my work is inclined towards sustainable and ‘prepared‘ architecture.

Through my project, I explore: how we see the world evolving pre-apocalypse? Is there a way in which, we as architects, can play a constructive role in order to educate or establish sustainable norms, to help acquire a standardized minimum of a good quality of architectural existence? Will the future reveal a revival of the past, the birth of a new or a possible marriage of both in order to acquire a constructive, sustainable and a ‘prepared‘ living.

It is evident that we have existed for a long time, indifferent and inconsiderate of the carbon footprint we are creating on our planet.
Ironically the farming industry is a major contributor and a victim of global warming at the same time. Food production today is observed to be greatly affected due to climate change and extreme weather. Therefore, we need to revise our farming norms and gain control of the farming environment and adapt a nouveau vernacular.

Research led us to believe that yesterday’s intense is tomorrow’s status quo. Fiction is an instigation to architecture. The fantasy and fabrication the architect’s indite prognosticate the fabric of the future urban development that drafts history.

Perhaps bio-domes can be the future of farming due to their efficiency in controlling the environment whilst allowing our planet time and space to heal. The area of study includes farming fields in Chartham, Kent – Also known as the ‘Garden of England’.

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'Prepared' Future Farm in Chartham, Kent, UK
Komal Hayat | Architecture 5
Prepared Farms of Kent, UK - today's extreme, tomorrow's status quo
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Prepared Farms, Kent, UK
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Today's extreme, tomorrow's status quo of farms
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Recreational Farm Activities
Komal Hayat | Architecture 2
Meld The Ordinary & The Extraordinary
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Today's BnBs, tomorrow's attraction
Komal Hayat | Architecture
Time to heal allied to nature...