Laura Davies

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


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I wanted to approach my work in a meaningful, positive and helpful way and then present/ illustrate it through unconventional methods. I am motivated by how much of a positive impact my illustrations and stories could have on an audience, and to become recognised as a professional illustrator/ artist by my peers and clients. I aspire to be a professional illustrator/ artist where I can display my skills and creativity in a professional environment.

My work was inspired by my personal experiences with anxiety and those of people around me. I wanted to show how people could deal with being anxious and that experiencing anxiety is perfectly normal and that these anxieties could be dealt with in many different ways. I wanted to explore this through unconventional methods in the form of zines.

The processes and media that I used to create my zines was a combination of digital and traditional processes and media. I used a combination of highlighters, fine liners and then cut up and glued on letters onto A4 paper to get the initial layouts and designs, which I scanned and vectorised in Adobe Illustrator. From here I edited some of the text that I had handwritten to become different fonts/ text. I then printed these designs onto matte coated 120gsm A4 paper.

I made four zines and eight posters as the outcomes for my project. The  full set of images of my project can be found on my website.

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Laura Davies | Illustration 5
This poster represents one of my personal coping methods for dealing with my anxiety, which is always having my water bottle with me acting as my personal superhero.
Laura Davies | Illustration 4
For this zine, which is called ‘The Misleading Social Butterfly’s Guide to Anxiety’, I used reverse psychology and exposure therapy methodologies to inform its content.
Laura Davies | Illustration 3
I included in this zine scenarios that I found made myself or others feel anxious, which are public speaking, tunnels, claustrophobic spaces, germs, loud noises and meeting new people.
Laura Davies | Illustration 2
These scenarios were included so that the person reading the zine is distracted from their current anxieties by feeling anxious about the scenarios that they are reading about.
Laura Davies | Illustration 1
I made the colours of this zine bold and the layout to be close together so that not only could the content cause anxiousness or uncomfortableness, but the design too.
Laura Davies | Illustration
This final page is a prompt of reflection to the reader to allow them to reassess their anxieties.

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