Ledi Loka

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles


My graduate fashion print collection titled Archibania is a women’s wear collection inspired by Albanian traditional wear. I wanted my collection to be based on my culture and on my family’s heritage. The traditional wear in the Albanian culture are costumes that consist of layering, fringing and embellishments. The concept behind my collection is the contrast between the old and new buildings within architecture.

To show the contrasting element within my collection the top layers represent the old colourful buildings whereas the bottom layers represent the white/gold new buildings. The long fringing is an important element within my collection as it adds a modern touch to the inspired traditional wear garments, and it also adds a lot of movement to the overall collection.

For my prints I created collages and repeats using my primary imagery. I incorporated photographic and graphic elements to achieve a unique outcome.



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Ledi Loka | Fashion 6
Photoshoot - Outfit 2
Ledi Loka | Fashion 5View pdf
Photoshoot - Outfit 2 - closeup
Ledi Loka | Fashion 4
Photoshoot - Outfit 1
Ledi Loka | Fashion 3
Photoshoot - Outfit 1 - fringe detail
Ledi Loka | Fashion 2
Photoshoot - Outfit 1
Ledi Loka | Fashion 1
Photoshoot - Outfit 2
Ledi Loka | Fashion
Photoshoot - Outfit 3