Lewen OuYang

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles


Email: [email protected]

Instagram : ouziziz_Design

My collection is called The World of Dots. And the concept of my final project is about trypophobia. Because it was my personal experience, I found out that many people like me feel uncomfortable when they see dense spots, their bodies shake, and so on. Many people do not understand that it is a psychological disease, so I used it as my concept to make more people aware of what  trypophobia is. I hope that in this design, I can cure people with trypophobia and in the process of designing, I can also cure myself so that I can face my trypophobia .

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Lewen OuYang | Fashion
The world of dots
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 6View pdf
Lewen OuYang Portfolio
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 5
Large silk scarf 110*110cm
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 4
Tiny silk scarf 6*120cm 5*110cm
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 3
Silk scarves 90*90cm
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 2
Silk scarves 90*90cm
Lewen OuYang | Fashion 1
Large Silk scarves 110*110cm

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