Libby Fleming

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


University has allowed me to work on a variety of different projects, through a range of mediums from print to photography, and I’ve been able to acknowledge the ways in which I enjoy working. I’ve thought more deeply about how graphic design can bring about positive, social change to the world through effective visual communication and those projects that have allowed me to work on topics I believe to be important have been most fulfilling.

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Libby Fleming | Graphic Design
A photographic storyboard which depicts my own retelling of Little Red Riding Hood
Libby Fleming | Graphic Design 3
Trust Issues is a card game which emphasises the ridiculousness and humour of fake news headlines
Libby Fleming | Graphic Design 2
A poster series in response to the BBC Digital Human podcast 'Alternate'
Libby Fleming | Graphic Design 1
Posters as part of my designed campaign 'People Over Pound Signs' fighting for university students to recieve tuition fee refunds due to Covid-19