Lidia Dabrowska

BA (Hons) Computer Games Design


The protagonist wakes up in the stickman world, not remembering who he is, where he is and even being unable to use his powers, he sets off to find his way back home to the real world.

Return to Reality is inspired by The Matrix Trilogy. When first idea for the game came to mind, it was just a neon stickman platformer game that was thought of at first. But because I’ve found this too basic, I’ve decided to make the game a bit more complex. At the time I’ve been watching The Matrix Trilogy, which gave me the idea of having 2 different worlds and also gave me the idea of how the player should enter the other world as well as a story for the game.

Developed using: Unity Engine for the game itself, Maya for assets and characters, Music Jam Maker for music, Substance 3D Painter to create texture for the real world assets and Procreate for certain UI. Used websites ‘Soundbible’ and ‘Mixkit’ for sound effects, Mixamo for character animation.

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Lidia Dabrowska | Games 6
Lidia Dabrowska | Games
This video shows every scene in the game, including every dialog, pop up (help) message, game mechanics and objects from both worlds.
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Lidia Dabrowska | Games 4
Lidia Dabrowska | Games 3
Memory levels include these posters which help to understand the story of this game.
Lidia Dabrowska | Games 2
Tutorial levels are showing which obstacles will be upcoming in the following levels.
Lidia Dabrowska | Games 1