Lily Rundle

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Promotion


For the future, I am interested in becoming a creative content producer and working within social media. Working in a fun and creative environment and team designing current content.

My final major project:

Creating a small business agency called Perspective Creative Agency, which designs blog content for ambitious female founders & small business brands. To increase their product purchase, personal brand awareness & revenue, and own their voice.

Market small business brands on content + visual communication for blog design and PR Packages, and related services.

Where I create social media content for Elsabelle UK and Perspective Creative Agency. As well as, blog content design to launch on Elsabelle UK website and post on Perspective Creative Agency.

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Lily Rundle | Fashion 6
Creative Outcome Content Shoot, Elsabelle UK x Perspective Creative Agency
Lily Rundle | Fashion 5
A trailer to promote the Youtube video showcasing on both social media platforms to benefit Perspective Creative Agency and Elsabelle UK. Uploaded onto Perspective Agency Instagram
Lily Rundle | Fashion 7View pdf
Summative Presentation: showcasing rounded research and outcomes rom the final major project
Lily Rundle | Fashion 4
Elsabelle UK Blog Post Launch Instagram Content
Lily Rundle | Fashion 3
Blog Picnic Shoot Content
Lily Rundle | Fashion 2
Social Media Content for Perspective Creative Agency
Lily Rundle | Fashion 1
Detailed Image for the Blog Content Picnic Shoot
Lily Rundle | Fashion
Elsabelle UK and Perspective Creative Agency Blog Post Thumbnail