Logan Picot

BA (Hons) Television Production


A short dramatic film, concerned around two characters primarily Albert who suffers from Alzheimer’s and the other Daniel a very secretive homeless man who keeps himself to himself.

Albert has a score to settle with his past and only Daniel is the one capable of helping him see this plan through to the end. You could say Britain’s Tomorrow is on the brink and in Daniel’s hands.

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Logan Picot | TV 6
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Logan Picot | TV
Brink of Tomorrow Trailer
Logan Picot | TV 5
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Logan Picot | TV 4
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Logan Picot | TV 3
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Logan Picot | TV 2
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Logan Picot | TV 1
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Warning - this showcase contains explicit content such as scenes of a sexual or violent nature, nudity or features strong language, and is unsuitable for under 18's.