Louisa Bristow

MA Jewellery


Slowing down almost to a standstill during the lockdowns have played an informative part in my MA. Daily walks in the woods with my children watching, listening, feeling have enabled me to connect with the “open system” of nature.  Within this open system, decay comes into play.

It is nature’s way of recycling organic material so its elements can be used again and again.

The fragility of organic matter, its ephemerality as it fades away is reflected in the space, texture and contrast of the pieces I have created for my final work, just as a leaf fades away in Autumn.  I wanted to create something that draws the eye in and gives the viewer a sense of movement within the work.

These pieces are also a reminder that I must create space within myself if I want to encourage new growth and continue to move forward.







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Louisa Bristow | Crafts 4
'Regrowth' oxidised copper and brass brooch
Louisa Bristow | Crafts 3
'Autumn decay' Enamelled copper brooch
Louisa Bristow | Crafts 2
'Ebb and flow' Brass and copper brooch
Louisa Bristow | Crafts 1
'Regrowth' Oxidised copper and brass brooch
Louisa Bristow | Crafts
'Ephemerality' Copper and brass brooch