Lucas Lidy

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Epsom


Fashion is at the edge of art and design, I see it as “wearable Art”. It follows and represents social movements, or can spark new ones. I love imagining contemporary, innovative garments and methods of creating them.

I see the body as an artistic support, like the way we see a sheet of paper or a canvas to express our creativity and our ideas. By observing the whole world with curiosity, I find the artistic essence within the everyday, which is the basis of my creative process. Researching conceptual approaches influences, the development of my visions and my creativity to bring new regard to fashion and the human condition, which I express in my own works through playing with shapes and symbolism.

Nature is another of my main inspirations, as it is here that I discovered myself and see life’s very essentialism. I therefore want to preserve it by diverging from much of the fashion industry’s polluting disposability, and by placing sustainable development and eco-friendly design at the heart of my work. The potential to make a difference through changing industry practices symbolises the transformative power of fashion.

As a French student who made the decision to leave home to study in England, I am passionate, curious, hard-working, and have creative ambitions. I have a serious desire to be part of a new generation of designers after my studies and believe that studying in England will provide me with the inspiration and skills necessary to kick-start this career.

These fragments of work come from my Final Major Project at UCA Epsom made during the foundation year 2020/2021, based on the theme of Monks and Crusaders from the Middle Ages. My concept represents a Crusader who after having run away from the battlefields, decided to leave his military duty and renounced the title of Crusader to peacefully carry out his sacred duty within a Cistercian Abbey. I chose a contemporary approach for the subject, based on the shapes and on the symbols to give an untemporal and conceptual look to my designs. This project is the logical end of all I learnt this year and all the technical skills/knowledges I aquired at UCA.

You can find my portfolio account on Instagram : @l__lidy._

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Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
"White Monk" - FMP Final Look inspired by the traditional Monk's Habits and the Romanesque architecture from the Cistercian Abbeys
Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
"White Monk" - Final Photoshoot at Waverley Abbey
Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
Final Design Making Process - FMP Sketchbook Page
Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
"The Crusader became a Monk" - Fragmented Final Lineup from my FMP (Sketchbook Page)
Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
"Templar's Tabard" - FMP Design illustration, contemporary and conceptual approach of the Templar's Tabard in the form of a massive white coat (Sketchbook Page)
Lucas Lidy | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
FMP Research page and experimental collage creating a massive silhouette inspired by the crusaders' heavy armor and Medieval military equipment