Lucy Appleford

BA (Hons) Photography - Rochester


My name is Lucy Appleford, I have been studying photography since I was thirteen and have been experimenting ever since. My interest of the subject actually came from my sister who began to study photography first and I was enamoured by her camera. I aim to create work that I enjoy making and viewing back later on as well as creating lasting impressions on others.
My work depicts my struggles with mental health, this subject meant that I had to confront my struggles versus ignoring them. The project was completed over the course of a year and became a form of therapy for me. I’ve named the project ‘Melancholia’ which means a feeling of deep sadness which felt appropriate. My aim with this project is to end the stigma that comes with mental health struggles and openly discussing them as well as visually representing how it can feel to those who are going through these issues. Through self portraiture I was able to create this series of images that I feel accurately represent my own struggles.
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Lucy Appleford | Photography
Melancholia; a feeling of deep sadness
Lucy Appleford | Photography 4
I can't breathe
Lucy Appleford | Photography 3
Who am I?
Lucy Appleford | Photography 2
Let me out
Lucy Appleford | Photography 1
It feels like I'm drowning