Lucy Titmarsh

BA (Hons) Design for Theatre & Screen


Designer and maker with a flair for the weird and wonderful, I enjoy creating work that challenges both me and audiences. I specifically enjoy creating wacky props and have a passion for designing sets for theatre and film. I aspire to spread my eccentric ideas into the industry and look forward to meeting creative people along the way. Covid-19 has had a devastatingly harsh impact on everyone, particularly in the theatre and arts industry, however, I now have to chance to make an impact keep creativity alive!

My piece is a collection of prop food inspired by the underworld feast scene in Caryl Churchill’s ‘The Skriker’, in which the underworld creatures celebrate the Skriker’s success and Josie’s entrapment.

My design and making were influenced by the predominant themes of psychosis and postnatal depression, as well as the folklore stories of the underworld creatures. The aim was to create a sense of disconnect by combining the symbolism of children’s toys (innocence and nurture) and the symbolism of death and decay. Therefore conveying the maternal disconnect, hatred and violence felt towards one baby during postnatal psychosis.

The creations of the food and tablecloth used a range of mediums and processes. The boar is carved polystyrene with a mix of latex, puff binder and hot glue for skin, as well as foam clay for the tusks and teeth. The pies, bread and fish were made using plaster casts and expanding foam, painted with acrylic. The severed fingers were firstly cast in alginate and plaster before creating a silicone mould and casting with platsil 10 silicone. I used jelly wax to create the pie fillings and cheese; mixing some with soy wax to create a creamier effect. The ceramic pot was created using a coil pot technique and then fired with a crackle glaze. Finally, the table cloth was created by digitally printing scanned images of baby clothes onto polyester fabric, then adding clothing on top to add more texture. The cloth was then distressed with hot water dyes, button varnish and fullers earth.

If you wish to contact me or just want to see more of my positively absurd work, I will leave you with some links to explore:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram : @titmarsh_designs

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Lucy Titmarsh | Film 6
'The Skriker' Feast Scene
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'The Skriker' Feast Scene
Lucy Titmarsh | Film 5
'The Skriker' Feast Scene: The Boar's Head
Lucy Titmarsh | Film 4
'The Skriker' Feast Scene: Finger and Toe Pies
Lucy Titmarsh | Film 3
'The Skriker' Feast Scene: Fish, Cheese and Bread
Lucy Titmarsh | Film 2
'The Skriker' Feast Scene: Pies and Snakes and Ladders
Lucy Titmarsh | Film 1
'The Skriker' Feast Scene: Ceramic Pot