Luke Hockley

BA (Hons) Games Arts


From the start of this project I wanted to push myself and learn some new skills that would benefit me in future projects. The main goal I set for myself in this project was to create an outdoor environment with foliage filling the area around the alien monoliths. I chose the sci-fi theme because this allowed me to be more creative in the design of my plants and in the architecture of the small temple. Maya was used for all of the asset creation while substance painter and designer was used heavily to texture my assets. I use Houdini for the first time to create a realistic river flow, this allowed the project to have a natural waterfall. Speed Tree was a useful asset in creating my larger foliage this software allowed me to make the base mesh of the asset easily and I could make changes later without starting over. Within the software I procedurally added my premade assets and materials to the larger foliage this meant I could use this extra time on other parts of this project. Overall this project is a great addition to my portfolio in my career in becoming a 3D artist.

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