Maisie Bishop

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


My final project for my BA (Hons) Architecture degree was an opportunity to explore, to a great degree, a complex subject of my own interest and gain an in-depth understanding of our Fish Island, East London Site; the places history, problems it faces and directions for its future change.

With old industries of East London rapidly being replaced by a growing number of new tech corporations, my proposal explores how AI, Robotics and 3D Printing can be applied in daily life to promote greater, more equal, and efficient health and wellness in the borough of Tower Hamlets. By exploring five pillars of life (Health, Shelter, Fuel, Transport and Environment), the institute does this through the lens of education, exploration, and application in the hopes that the introduction of these new technologies within daily life will be unobtrusively successful.

My design primarily focuses on 5 (3D Printed) research spaces, dedicated to exploring the potential AI, Robotic and Printing advancements in the 5 above fields, organised around a central atrium. This public atrium allows for opportunities to employ the technologies produced and for persons visiting to experience these advancements in real-time. Finally, the existing building is retained as a space for exhibitions and mass-application of already-available technologies specifically for medical services.

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Maisie Bishop | Architecture 5
Exterior Perspective 1
Maisie Bishop | Architecture 4
The Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Multi-dimensional Printing - Concept Poster
Maisie Bishop | Architecture 3
1:50 Sectional Drawing - Proposed Design
Maisie Bishop | Architecture 2
Exploded Axonometric - Proposed Design
Maisie Bishop | Architecture 1
Exterior Perspective 1 - Proposed Design
Maisie Bishop | Architecture
Interior Perspective 2 - Proposed Design