Maria Frantzoulou

MA/MSc Fashion Business & Management


My showcase at the UCA Business school includes an overview of my most favourable subject areas, including Trends & Forecasting, Global Fashion Industry & Business, and Marketing, Design and Communications. The projects express my content creation capabilities fusing my background within the industry of studio operations, retail consulting and knowledge of how brands can successfully attract the future consumer in an ever-changing macro environment on a global scale. My ambition is to continue working within the digital production sector and offer my industry and academic expertise insights that I have gained throughout the postgraduate study, allowing myself to contribute to the broader creative industries and society.

The portfolio work presented demonstrates my creative vision and technical skills applied within my projects. The course gave me the opportunity to build on my self-awareness and professional development by communicating experimental and conceptual frameworks throughout my academic journey.

For my Major Project, I combined my creative thinking processes with innovative and strategic management skills. This allowed me to push boundaries in my working practices in a digital and data-driven world where creativity, execution and complex problem solving, critical thinking, and an entrepreneurial vision is central to the leading to the overall project outcome. The disruption of the pandemic has impacted the retail sector, accelerating the shift to online communication channels. I wanted to emphasise how digital transformation has influenced new technologies that will change how the next generation shop in the future. I was able to build an appropriate business model to implement within my project in an ever-changing climate of market trends and disruption of shifting consumer behaviours, and how business will need to adapt to thrive within the fashion business landscape.





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Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 5
Farfetch Global Fashion Industry + Business Live Project - Event Campaign CTA
Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 10
For this project, the scenario was to act as a trend consultant for the proposed Boxpark client to deliver a Strategic Foresight Brief - highlighting the key macro trends for 2022, which could be applied to their conceptual business model that aligns with their core brand strategy.
Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 9
For the Trends + Forecasting Brief, I also looked into how external factors has influenced consumer behaviours. The contrasting escapist trends for S/S 2022 core focus is nostalgia, merging the past with the present. The Boxpark core strategy is about offering immersive experiences captivated in what the brand stands for.
Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 8
Website Prototype: For my Final Major Project, my focus was on creating a Digital Marketing Hub for businesses wanting to adapt their online brand strategies, catered to the next generation consumer.
Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 7
Here I have created an app prototype dedicated to supporting start-up businesses with interactive content to assist with online marketing and brand strategy. Gen Z value authenticity and curated shopping experiences that rebel against the traditional retail model.
Maria Frantzoulou | Business & Management 6
The Industry Live Brief focused on emphasising engagement with specific industry standard skills, including effectively interacting with teams and identifying the dynamics of the fast-paced omni-channel retail environment. The Fashion Live Project partnered with the e-commerce marketplace Farfetch providing key insights into new territories. This piece covers an event campaign including a mock-up of the landing page, tagline and Call To Action headline proposed for their website.