Mariah Thyes

BA (Hons) Film & Digital Art


“Thread of Thought” is a work of art that shines a light on the negative impacts the fast fashion industry has on the environment and people. The first part of this project features an experimental fashion film that displays different models wearing a range of outfits composed of thrifted clothing items. Made to inspire audiences to consume their garments more consciously for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, this video utilizes the circular frame to represent how many consumers don’t know much about (or choose to ignore) the negative impacts fast fashion has on the planet. It also intends to demonstrate how the industry tries to hide these things from the general public, as many parts of the frame are cut out.

Another element of this project is the Instagram page (@thread.of.thought.22) that was created to inform readers about the fast fashion industry and the exponential consumption of these clothes that can be seen over the years. In addition to that, audiences will also be able to view behind-the-scenes footage from the experimental fashion film and mini look-book-type videos posted to the reels.

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Mariah Thyes | Fine Art
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Thread of Thoughts - Mariah Thyes