Max Portergill

BA (Hons) Computer Games Arts


My Showcase is, a trailer of the My Final major Project. a VR Puzzle game Called Skera.

The areas of work I focused on were coding mechanics and 3D asset creation.

For the initial prototype, the brief I was working with was to make a 3D, mesh slicing, puzzle game with a third person camera angle. I was heavily inspired by a YouTube video I had seen in which they recreated a specific mechanic from the game Metal Gear: Rising which was the ability to slice meshes. In the game the mesh slicing mechanic is used as a finisher on enemies that had been weakened or on small objects or obstacles. I thought that this was a really cool mechanic, but I don’t think it was used to its full potential. It was not an important function of the game. So, I wanted to see what I could do with it if I made it the central mechanic of my game and put more of a focus on puzzle solving rather than combat.

The puzzles would be based around the player having to make accurate cuts on an object to move it. I had a lot of extra ideas for mechanics I could do to add to the puzzles for example,

  • Having colours assigned to the sword blade and matching blocks.
  • Wide vs narrow cutting maybe based on the material/colour being cut.
  • Ability the player can use like stopping/slowing time.
  • Scanning mode to see sliceable blocks hidden in walls.

The aesthetic I was going for was, low-poly, Cyberspace with the premise being that the player is a hacker attempting to break through firewalls. These firewalls were represented by the puzzles. Part of the reason I went for this style was that I wanted to focus on the puzzle building and coding elements rather than spending time making 3D assets.

The aesthetic is now more of a high-tech, fantasy, temple environment with the puzzles becoming challenges of worthiness.

This came about when I decided to look at some other options for aesthetic. I was particularly drawn to a picture in the ‘Breath of The Wild’ art book of the grey box from Shrines. This particular way of creating their levels appealed to me because it was based around having a few primitive blocks and using them to create their puzzle environments. So, I wouldn’t have to make bespoke levels of each puzzle meaning I would still have a lot of freedom in how things were laid out.

I plan to continue working on this project in hopes of releasing the full game.

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