Maya Civval

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice - Rochester


Hello. I’m Maya, an aspiring set designer. During a stage 2 project of my Foundation, I made a connection within my work to stage design, something I will be studying for degree. My ‘final piece’ was a design for the staging of the play Over There by Mark Ravenhill.

The play tells the story of twin brothers born in East Germany in 1964, who are raised on different sides of the Berlin Wall. The twins meet years later after the fall of the wall, but their ideological differences are stark making their relationship complicated.

I have chosen to showcase work from my final major project. I decided to continue my stage two project, redesigning the set as well as visitor experience materials. I wanted to create an immersive experience for the audience, designing everything from the programme to the snacks. The audience would be divided into two sections, choosing to either sit in the East or West.

For the staging of the play, I tried to create my own aesthetic based on research. I took inspiration from a wide range of TV programmes and films either set or made in Berlin in the 1980’s. These included Deutschland 83 and Wings of Desire. I am interested in the use of colour and lighting in these productions, particularly the juxtaposition of black and white vs colour in Wings of Desire.

I also looked at the difference between the East German Communist aesthetic and the West German aesthetic. For the Communist aesthetic, I looked at propaganda and social housing designs. For the West Berlin aesthetic, I looked at the Haus Potsdamerstrasse and the locations from the Netflix Original series The Queens Gambit. I explored these aesthetics through a Hannah Höch style photomontage approach, creating a series of mood boards. This allowed me to incorporate the theme of nature vs nurture as the twins were brought up in vastly different environments. To communicate my ideas, I chose to design two different sets, one more abstract the other realistic.

In my project, I used a range of digital and analogue skills. I used traditional model and prop making techniques using lo-fi materials as well as digital drawing and animation using the app Procreate. These techniques helped me find ways of documenting and recording my design ideas.

My full project can be seen Tumblr using this link A selection of work created from the whole year can also be seen my website



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Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Over There play poster
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 6
Final Major Project short film
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 5
Aesthetic inspiration mood boards
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
Snacks concept design
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
East set model
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
West set model
Maya Civval | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Play tickets concept design