Md Muminul Hasan Khan

MA Graphic Design


I have created a digital illustration as it relates to expertise because I am a graphic designer and I work with vector graphic. My project aim was to bring awareness among the communities and societies about domestic violence and human rights violations among women in third world countries. For this purpose, I have used all my expertise and skills in drawing to depict an illustration of the concept.

I have chosen the topic of “Domestic violence” as we all know that women suffer a lot of discrimination and abuse in third world countries. Another reason behind choosing this topic was the objectification that women face in underdeveloped countries. Different advertisements and media sites use females as an object to promote their products. While searching upon the concept I have gone through so many incidents in which women have faced a lot of problems in every aspect of their lives. Other than physical abuse females are also subjected to mental torture and abuse in houses as well as in workplaces. It is a phenomenon that is neglected by a lot of people in society, even though hundreds and thousands of women lost their integrity and mental health as a result of the violence they face.

As an artist and member of this society, I feel it is my utmost responsibility to bring awareness and promote discussion about the topic. This could help responsible citizens to come up with better options and strategies to improve the position of females in society.

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Md Muminul Hasan Khan | Graphic Design