Mia Upton

BA (Hons) Textile Design / BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interiors


Mia J Upton

Fabric and Feminism Series: FFS, Transparent layers

Instagram @Mia.woventextiles

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Website/linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mia-upton-535a97231

I experienced sexual assault on a rush-hour tube at fourteen. I learned that it doesn’t matter what you wear, one layer or several. You can still be objectified. This is a fabric photography project, representing that despite being covered, you can still see the skin and the things that are desired. It is a story about being objectified and then taking back the power with the fabric.  The difficult journey of overcoming social pressures with self-love and acceptance.

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Mia Upton | Textiles 7
This is the image I have used on my business card. It shows two women, one comforting the other. The front model is covered with hand woven doop Leno fabric, she is hiding herself from judgment.
Mia Upton | Textiles 6
!WARNING!CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT! In this video I talk about my concept Fabric and Feminism Series: FFS, Transparent layers.
Mia Upton | TextilesView pdf
portfolio, compressed pfd, only three sides per section. I have a large master portfolio, please contact to see it.
Mia Upton | Textiles 5
Photo of main piece door Leno weave
Mia Upton | Textiles 4
model with fabric, covering body but no longer using it to hide
Mia Upton | Textiles 3
close up photo of doom Leno main piece weave
Mia Upton | Textiles 2
model with fabric and no longer using it to hide from societal pressures to layer
Mia Upton | Textiles 1
model with fabric using it to hide and to protect form sexual assault and from judgment of society