Michaela Krejcova

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


I spend most of the time in my head, left with my thoughts, and the film Schranka greatly reflects on that. lt is all about the unwanted thoughts that seem so big to us, however to others, they might seem absolutely ridiculous. We all have insecurities that creep upon us throughout the day, and if you are like me, they just became a part of you.

Schránka is a persona! note to myself in a form of a short animated film, in which I have put the variety of methods I learnt throughout the years at UCA. lt focuses on the body image, imperfections being turned into something wonderful, child-like playfulness playful, and simple imagination. I find fascinating the exploration of the inner self and how art can respond to something as abstract as our individua! thoughts and experiences.

I am not afraid to show vulnerability and intimacy in my art, since I feel strongly personally connected to every piece I make. When illustrating, I try to create characters and scenes that tel1 story themselves without any words needed.

I can confidently say that I root for fairy tale-like worlds where anything is possible. I also genuinely enjoy the playfulness of absurdity and nonsense in daily dialogues without context, which I experiment with as well.

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Michaela Krejcova | Illustration 5
Schránka/The Shell (2022)
Michaela Krejcova | Illustration 4
Michaela Krejcova | Illustration 3
Michaela Krejcova | Illustration 2
Michaela Krejcova | Illustration 1
Michaela Krejcova | Illustration