Millie Whitehead

BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors, Textile Art


Millie Whitehead

A 2021 graduate from The Royal School of Needlework, Millie Whitehead is a designer based in London. Using embroidery, Millie creates works which offer a new take on the crossover between male and female style and challenges dominant conceptions of gender. The designer’s aim is to create collections which will give Haute Couture and high-end fashion significantly more meaning.

Striving to bring traditional hand embroidery to the forefront of her contemporary practice. Millie uses traditional techniques and translates these into non-traditional and contemporary contexts that reflect her personal beliefs and values. The work of the designer reflects her belief that the fashion industry should abolish the idea of gender completely. This change would make way for a more accepting, unrestricted creative platform, allowing us to express ourselves fully without hindrance.

‘Beyond the Binary Wave’

Gender, exploration, revolution. The fluidity and movement of water entwined into the unstructured, unrestrained euphoria of a de-gendered fashion. The structure of masculinity, the fragility of femininity pooled together in elegance. The embodiment of all genders manifested into a rebellious defiance of societal norms.

Influenced by gender, fluidity and movement ‘Beyond the Binary Wave’ is a culmination of both traditionally male and female traits. The collection is a celebration of blurred lines between genders. Embroidery serves as the voice that speaks on behalf of the designer. The combination of masculine tailoring with this creates a juxtaposition between these two crafts, both traditionally associated with differing genders.

A blend of established embroidery techniques used in a contemporary context; this collection of garments and accessories speaks for itself as a modern and forward-thinking art form.

Gold Work features heavily throughout this collection due to its habitual association with feminine fashion. This technique mixed with the tailoring exaggerates the contexts within which the collection sits.


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