Musung Baek

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design


The installation, created under the theme of Horizon, was conceived as an audio-visual performance, a series of digital artworks, and developed against the backdrop of a specific place. Based on background music, the design depicts the exploration of the infinite horizon landscape more sophisticatedly.

Inspiration for the project evolved from personal experiences felt on the infinite horizon of Dungeness, the only desert in the UK. In this respect, the purpose of this installation is to derive a broader perspective and feeling from the endless horizon and investigates how design can respond to the desert-like environment of Dungeness.

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Musung Baek | Architecture 5
Concept & Components
Musung Baek | Architecture 6View pdf
Story Line
Musung Baek | Architecture 4
Scene_2. Enter Virtual World through Window Shape Installation.
Musung Baek | Architecture 3
Scene_4. The Infinite Particles of Dungeness Appear.
Musung Baek | Architecture 2
Scene_5. Face an Infinite Horizon. (User Interaction)
Musung Baek | Architecture 1
Scene_7. Encounter Endless Virtual world Horizon.
Musung Baek | Architecture
Scene_6. Bring Infinite Particles together. (User Interaction)