Muyuan Lyu

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design


This project is designed for students and is located on the UCA campus. Students need a place where they can play, relax and have fun. Because students are tired of their brains and work, they need a place where they can relax. So I wanted to create a design that would allow students to play and relax. This space will give students a place to relax, away from anxiety, where they can do some quiet thinking.

In the design direction, the main idea is to use a combination of strong materials and soft materials.
The “swing” is made of Yago hammock fabric, which is soft to the body touch and not too rough, and feels like lying on a bed against the skin. The slow swaying of the swing relaxes the tense brain. As the set is outdoors, students can breathe the air and feel the sunshine better. Students can choose to be alone or interact with friends.
The timber’s frame has been chosen for its optimum fit under different experiments, layered without being heavy and with a sense of breath. The wood represents growth and nature, giving the students the feeling of being in nature and being able to relax quickly.
The flowing fabric canopy sways in the wind, creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere.
The pulley adds some fun to the use of the swing and students are free to choose between the left and right side.

The combination of three elements and two different forms of materials creates a small, relaxing, and comfortable area to help students feel less stressed and more at home in nature.

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