Naddy Mizan

BA (Hons) Textile Design / BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interiors


I’m inspired by the rising seawater temperatures that our oceans are facing, causing our corals to ‘glow’.  The ocean sustains all life on Earth, yet it is as fragile as the human body; with even a small temperature change, vital systems start shutting down. I am keen to capture the beauty of what we may lose if we continue to damage our environment. My Final Year Project explores creating a stylised and contemporary approach to natural forms found in the sea. This contemporary collection of textile samples, art pieces focuses on responding to a variety of different forms and structures, creating original compositions and motifs. These have been translated into handwoven pieces and developed through both traditional and contemporary techniques. I am not so much interested in weaving patterns but texture and wanting the audience to look at my material differently.

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Naddy Mizan | Textiles
Naddy Mizan | Textiles 3
Monofilament x Copper Wire Sculpture piece
Naddy Mizan | Textiles 4
Monofilament x Glow in the Dark Puff Binder sculptural piece
Naddy Mizan | Textiles 2
Some corals glow in fluorescent colour in a desperate bid to protect themselves from ocean heatwaves. Using puff binder mixed with glow in the dark pigment, to produce a gorgeous bubbly surface on this handwoven monofilament cloth.
Naddy Mizan | Textiles 1
High Twist Wool x Glow in the Dark yarn x Monofilament