Nadiya Sharif

BA (Hons) Fashion Design


My final year collection is called Tahriib (migration) which highlights many difficulties immigrants face when moving from country to country. For this collection, I reflected on my own journey as an immigrant and looked into my Somali culture and heritage. Little is known about Somalia. That’s because Somalia was a country with a rich oral tradition for many years, known as the land of poetry. I used poetry to showcase my journey as someone who has many different cultural influences – Somali born and grew up in Yemen. I embodied this element by layering most of my garments and using different textures. I used a rich tonal palette to invoke the landscape, tactile texture and mood of Yemen. My final collection is to empower women and men around the world who feel like they don’t belong to any community. As a designer, I want to use my journey and creativity to amplify the voices of the unheard. I am the designer with the voice of the unheard.



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Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 7
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 6
My collection featured in the UCA fashion film
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 5
Hijab bodysuit with flared vent trousers
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 4
Close-up detailed of architectural cape collar shirt
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 3
Development page
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion 2
Brown Ocean print
Nadiya Sharif | Fashion
design development