Ned Robinson-Jones

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging


My project, PLASTIC WORLD, questions the world of beauty in a standardised and objectified society, where in recent years cosmetic surgery has become common place. I am inspired by the underworld idea of beauty as a projection of ‘perfection’ and ‘final form’. I’ve explored the mediums of fashion photography, image making, mixed media manipulation and visual aesthetics, all presented in ‘Plastic World’. My work is served up via a dose of hyper realism that questions comfortable aesthetics. I have also created a series of customised bags that are a symbol of perfection and manufactured beauty, where plastic surgery is now as easy to purchase and common place as the latest fashion item.

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Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion 5
An early start to 'PLASTIC WORLD' exposing a reality of beauty in bandges.
Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion 4
'The death of Beauty'
Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion 3
'Gorg after The Chop'
Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion 2
'The Dolls are Ready'
Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion 1
Page spread from short comic 'Chop Shop'
Ned Robinson-Jones | Fashion
'Sealed and Steralised'